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Callisto Shampoo's Book of Days

Calli's Journey

12 December 1974
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Hi, my name is Sarah.

I am a lot of things, so I have a lot of blogs! I don't like to do things in isolation, so I'm often dragging my friends and family into projects and stuff I like to do. I love to organise, I love to write, and I love to learn.

I write. I write a little or I write a lot. I like to document the stats of my works in progress, but I get a bit shy sometimes. I like to have goals, and occasionally need motivation, so I love to do Nanowrimo when I can. I occasionally blog my full stats, and I'm pretty damn proud of my progress over the last few years. I also log my wordcounts and general writerly goals, status updates and things under the name of Celestine Lyons.

I also keep a gardening journal. I keep Cali0pe journal here, so I know what happens and when, and I can track the seasons and the changes and the seeds. I am trying to keep a weekly pictorial tour, so I can *see* the changes my garden has made. I've been an apprentice gardener for about four years now, and I am so glad to finally have a garden bed or two (or more) and be growing things. I have learned a LOT and hope to share it out. Perth seems to be an odd little corner of the world. WE don't have the traditional four seasons that is so rooted in gardening lore, and a lot of the info about gardening in Perth seems to be based on numbers rather than actually living here and growing things.

Home Making
Babalon_93 and I also write a frugal/homemaking/feminist blogspot journal called Saucy Sisters. Feel free to follow us as we mealplan, rant, take pictures of every day garden feminists trying to live life to the full whilst wanting to change the world. My husband and I like to make cakes, and they often appear on the blog, and we're always happy to help out if any one has questions.

I run an annual unconference called Femmeconne. It's a women's space where children are also welcome, and where we're not afraid to discuss feminism. Feminism is NOT the main topic, we like to talk about a lot of stuff, from gardening, makeup, wool, crafts, whatever the hell we feel like it, music, magic, food (OH GOD FOOD), whatever. It's a fascinating thing to run, and a fascinating thing to participate in, and I love doing it. I want it to run free in a few years, and I am hoping to start work on the next project called Percon. You'll need to stay tuned for more info on that!

I am a poly-pagan-parent, a solitairy eclectic dianic pagan. I read (and read) a lot, took what I like, and make up the rest as I go along. I believe in the inherent amazingness of all life, and am eternally grateful for every day. I feel that if I do not use my talents to their utmost, then I am disrespecting the gifts I have. I do not believe in a cognitive, or sentient being, or rather, if there is a sentient, cognitive being they are so far beyond us that we can not understand them as such. I believe in my own duality in the masculine and feminine representations, but these are symbols I use for myself. I am aware that the religion I have is my way of understanding the Uni Verse, and are of little value to any one else. :-)

Callisto Shampoo has been my internet persona for over a decade now, so coming out of the LJ, so to speak, is a bit of a surprise for me. I'm starting to do more and more projects in the public eye, and I think it might now be time for me to put my real name out there. I have been a part of Perth Fandom for a decade or so now, and have won the awesome Mumfan award, as well as a Tin Duck for my Blog Like It's The End Of The World entry a few years back. I'm still incredibly awed and proud of both of these awards. I'm a passionate part of fandom, and love all aspects of it. It's always amusing!

If you want to contact me, please feel free to email me on callisto at gmail dot com.

If you need to give me money for Femmeconne, details here:
BSB: 736001


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