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Victorian Bushfire Foreshore Picnic Fundraiser

Swan Aid


As you are probably aware, this past weekend has seen the worst bushfires in Australian history hit the state of Victoria. At least 125 people have lost their lives, and many more are in a serious or critical condition in hospital. The death toll is expected to exceed 230. More than 750 homes have been destroyed. Over 330,000 hectares of land have been razed to the ground.


Maia, Grant and Jaunita are hosting a BBQ event on Valentine’s Day afternoon/evening in order to fundraise and collect donations to support the Australia wide relief effort in support of people who have been affected by the bushfires.


Come along to our informal event, and help us to reach out to the affected people and make a difference for them and their communities.


RSVP’s are appreciated but not absolutely essential – if you’re unsure send us an email/give us a call.


For more information, you can read the Wikipedia entry ( or the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news website for more up-to-date info (


Event details:



The picnic area at the South end of the South Perth Esplanade (access from Ray or Mends street and turn right)

Date: 14th February, 2009 (Valentine’s Day)

Time: 4pm onwards

We’ll provide: Refreshing drinks! (of the non alcoholic variety)

What to bring: Bring any food you’d like to partake of. Also, please bring something however small to donate towards the relief effort. Details on donations below.


Jaunita Landéesse – 0439354992 or

Grant Watson - 0430223604 or


Details for fundraising and donations:

Visit here for more info


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