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Ho baby Have I been Busy!

Swancon is coming! yay! I am SO OMG EXCITED! more excited than I am about the German Sparkle Party i am going to, and *that* involved a LOT of screaming on chat! 


This of course begs the question, and since this year Chesh and I are fan Guests of Honour (OMG yay!)) I can't avoid it LOL...

What would you like me to do for you in panels? What do you want me to talk about, show, learn, explore, do? There's a programming meeting on Sunday which i am hoping to get to - will I see you all there?

Also! Gynaecon stuffs! Let's get some thoughts happening! Maybe we should do a review/retroactive look at the safe spaces panel and what we've done with it, and the shape of it now as to how it was the first few  years? A retrospective on some of the changes Gynaecon has brought Swancon? No big fandom blow ups this year, though we still have a few months to go :)

Talk to me peoples! Now!



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Nov. 22nd, 2012 12:51 pm (UTC)
Or perhaps the blow ups happened post- Swancon (as they do) and we're in the quiet period leading up to the pain.

But, Swancon! Yay!
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